Online Evaluation Platforms For IT Recruitment Process

At present, there are platforms that allow candidates to technical positions to write programs, and subsequently they are automatically re-evaluated by the system. For example, a question may be to require an algorithm that orders a fix from highest to lowest. The developer solves the problem by writing a program and the platform evaluates the code written by the developer, thus assigning the corresponding score.

And this is where online assessments come in. Currently it is also possible to offer online coding evaluations. Conducting online assessments in addition to saving you time will also increase the chances of finding the ideal candidate, even if it is not in the same geographical location as you. The implementation of this type of tests is usually particularly important in the technology industry, since re-location is quite common.

This way of evaluating the candidate is also a good way to reduce the number of candidates to be interviewed, making the selection process more efficient. An online programming test must:

  • Contain practical questions, not only theoretical. Try to ask questions in which the candidate must write a program.
  • Provide a personalized experience to the interviewees, even though this is an automated process, this is possible by following up on the submission of the test and the evaluation process.
  • Adjust to the level of difficulty of the test to the position to which candidates aspire.Since the entire process is completely automatic and is carried out through a completely online platform, it is possible to evaluate dozens of candidates with less effort and select the best ones. With this type of tests it is possible to reduce up to 80% of a pool, and thus can focus on the 20% with better performance. And so finally hire the candidate that best suits the needs of the company, regardless of geographical distances or time difference.

It is true that the hiring of developers is considered an art by many HR professionals. However, new automated technologies are able to assess the more subtle dimensions of the skills of the common candidate and, at the same time, the essential skills of an IT professional. When implemented correctly, these new selection alternatives tend to obtain more effective and fair results.

If you want to improve your current processes, without leaving everything in the hands of technology, there is the possibility of implementing this type of platforms as a complement during the traditional process, optimizing the results not only for the company, but also for the participant; since the interviews also tend to be heavy for the aspirants. Ensuring the candidate’s comfort is important during the selection process, since the demand is high, and the recruiter must be able to retain the candidate through a good first impression.

The use of this type of platform provides several advantages that go beyond being able to evaluate a candidate in their programming skills. The savings in time are very important, since it is possible to evaluate if you want dozens of candidates without the need to interview all of them. Usually technical interviews require the allocation of valuable resources (such as technical managers or senior developers) and, therefore, it is not feasible to conduct this type of interview for all candidates. This usually leads to selection processes where few candidates are evaluated, limiting their effectiveness and the possibility of finding the best possible talent.

Another advantage of automation is that all information is recorded without the need to enter it manually. This allows you to easily create a database of candidates that can be a source of talent in the future. The possibility of viewing the information with automatically generated reports also allows you to make the best decisions in an objective and fast way.

Finally, an additional advantage has to do with the image that is projected. A company that requires hiring developers should ideally project a modern image to attract the best developers. Using online tests, that is, using technology within the selection process, is a good way to present the company as an innovator and uses technology-based methods to choose the best.

There are many platforms of this type in the market, most of them only in English, but alternatives are already appearing in Spanish like Evalart , so that companies in Latin America can start using online programming evaluations to identify the best talent of IT and incorporate them into their organizations.

It is a fact that technology plays an important role when evaluating the candidate. In fact, already large companies such as Microsoft and Google recognize that technology is key when recruiting staff and has been using online solutions for years to technically evaluate their candidates for developer positions. If technology and work are part of our daily lives, why not combine them to select our team?